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    Default " We recently acquired a 1988

    " We recently acquired a 1988 boat with an original Universal [Kubota] 3 cylinder engine. Although it has only 1300 hours and runs just fine, the engine has a terrible rust condition. Everything on it is effected. The engine space is dry and not exposed to bilge water but access is very limited without tearing apart the boat. There is no way to get at the rust to physically wire brush or scrape it for repainting.
    My question is, is there any product or process that will help the condition and maybe prolong the engine life?
    Ron Brassord Lighthouse Point Fl. "

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    Default " Try OSPHO which can be purch

    " Try OSPHO which can be purchased at most hardware stores. This product is sprayed on to neutralize the rust. it is best however if you remove the large rust flakes first. Wipe and spray again if necessary. let dry completely for approx. 1 day and spray paint. Ospho will not allow the rust to continue spreading and will also etch the metal for the paint to adhere.

    thank you,

    Gabriel Acher - Dania Marine 1-954-927-2999 "

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