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Thread: Volvo AQ140A

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    Default "I'm a newcomer to the sit

    "I'm a newcomer to the site. I have an AQ140A that the previous owner spent quite a bit of money on recently. The fly in the ointment is the cylinder head, which is cracked and (I assume) not repairable. Are replacement parts available? I have been reading in the archives and one point of view is that I would be throwing good money after bad and should repower. On the other hand, this is a boat for fairly light summer use. The boat is an '80s Sisu and I'm not sure that the expense of repowering makes sense. Does anyone have any advice?"

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    Feb 2006
    Ladysmith, BC, Canada

    Default "You can go to an autowrecker

    "You can go to an autowrecker and get an automotive head from a B21 Volvo block. Specifically, from a 1976 to 1982 240 Volvo. However, you will have to keep your current camshaft, as an automotive camshaft will not work well on a marine engine."

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    Default First you may want to remove t

    First you may want to remove the head to make sure it's not just a bad headgasket. That's a fairly cheap and easy fix compared to the alternative.

    Another reason to keep the camshaft is because VP wants roughly $800 for a new one. Ouch! There is a guy a few posts down from this selling an AQ140 maybe he will seperate the head for you.

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    Default "I crack a head a few years ag

    "I crack a head a few years ago, at the rear corner. I had it welded and it has worked fine ever since. I questioned a marine mechanic about the reliability of a welded head and he said that if it was done properly it would be as good as new. So far so good.


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