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    Default Just put a 4108 into a 30 foot

    Just put a 4108 into a 30 foot steel yacht that im building. The engine is a recon and is in good order. The original dash and loom came with the engine but was is in poor condition and wasnt connected or tested.I need A STRAIGHT FORWARD DIAGRAM to tell me what connects to what???

    list of whats there
    oil pressure gauge with correct single wire sender
    oil pressure light
    red light
    water temp gauge and sender
    volt gauge
    alternator (believe original lucas)with plastic rear cover.one connection at top rear and three together at bottom (middle one is bigger)
    original starter(two nut connections on solenoid and small spade connection)one small nut connection at rear bottom of starter body)
    original perkins starter key (4 connections)

    please email me if you can assist ...thanks Rob

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    Default did you get information regard

    did you get information regarding the heat exchanger--where the hoses connect for salt and fresh water?

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    Default Hi i was wondering if you'

    Hi i was wondering if you'd had any luck on this subject?

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    Default "When starting the trusty PERK

    "When starting the trusty PERKINS 4108M (500 Hrs)on board my ESPACE 1000 sailboat, ignition procedure was interrupted (very wisely) due to a suspicious smoke and smell from behind the instruments panel. Subsequent investigation shows a messy mix of melted wires, copper and plastic, between the ignition switch, Rpm, pressure and temp gauges. It seems that only the instruments panel wiring has been affected, engine wiring seems intact.
    I have received from SECODI La Rochelle (Perkins retailer) a good support with a wiring diagram for a 4108 with 4 positions ignition switch and oil pressure warning light but without oil pressure gauge.
    1 - Has anybody a more complete wiring diagram including the pressure gauge and the engine hourmeter ?
    2 - On the diagram supplied by SECODI, there are two relays activated by the ignition switch positions 3 and 5, relays seemingly positioned behind the instruments panel, one activating the solenoid starter, the other activating the starter plug.
    Both relays transmit the positive 12V to their respective equipment by TWO wires. I do not understand why two wires are used as one larger could do the same. I imagined also that a two wires solution to transfer intensity is not a safe solution as if one wire is deficient, the other one will support all the load and risk an overload and burn out.
    Thank you for any help..

    Lesson learned : by chance a nasty fire did not occur. The wiring is hidden behind a large wood panel kept in place by ten screws, quite difficult to access with an extinguisher. I will drill a hole for the extinguisher nozzle, as for the engine compartment."

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