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    May 2007
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    Default "I need help please,I have got

    "I need help please,I have got my outdrive off,I took the shift cable assembly off of top of bellhousing planning on taking that out with outdrive so i dont have to disassemble,But the STEERING CABLE is the only thing holding me up from completely removing it i took the outdrive off by removing 13 or so small nuts around back of bellhousing i have to replace 22 hole transom seal and also why ive got it off is it easier to replace water impeller if so i'll do that while it is off and do i have to replace complete gasket set for upper unit to replace water pump kit it is a 1986 stringer 800 omc this is my first time so i would be greatful for any help"

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    May 2006

    Default "You don't have to buy a c

    "You don't have to buy a complete upper seal kit to do the water pump. The pump kit comes with all you need. I would go a step further and buy the kit with the pump housing. It is easier doing the pump with the drive off the boat and its not too complicated. I removed the small bolts holding the top cover of the upper unit, I popped it off and just lifted the upper out of the lower. No need to remove the whole lower drive from the case. The thing is the shift cable also goes through the upper unit so you will have to make some slack in it. I too was going to do what you did and leave the cable intact in the shift box but I didn't need to pull the intemediate (IM) and if you don't you cannot get the box out the transom hole. Not enough clearance with the IM in. I just disconnected it. It ought to be fun putting it together but I took digital pics. Having the shift cable completely out of the way helps a lot. You may want to reconsider. It is a bitch removing it from the IM, its in there tight."

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    May 2007

    Default The steering cable has nothing

    The steering cable has nothing to do with removing the outdrive.
    Factory Manual Best, Seloc 2nd best, Clymer if you're desperate.

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