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    Default " I have a 1972 125hp evinrude

    " I have a 1972 125hp evinrude and the thing is driving me crazy. Will run fine then just stop,try to start it and nothing has left me a few times on the water.Lots of fuel going to carbs and the engine will turn over.Suspect the power pack but don't know for sure. Do these power packs just fail altogether or can they be intermitton. Any and all ideas greatly appreciated. "

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    Default "Peaseas.... Those type powerp

    "Peaseas.... Those type powerpacks can and do become intermitent. When you have the NO SPARK scenario, they can be tested as follows. I do have one new improved powerpack which I will discount should that be your problem.

    (Battery Capacitance Dischage Powerpack Test)
    Various OMC Engines - 1968 to 1972)

    Purchase a small 12v bulb at your local automotive parts store (the 12v bulb is to look like a flashlight bulb, not a headlight bulb). Solder two wires to that bulb, one to the side of the bulb (ground), and the other to the positive point.

    Remove the spark plugs. With the key in the on position, make sure that you have 12v going to the pack at the terminal block (purple wire). Now, connect the ground wire from the bulb to any powerhead ground. Connect the wire from the positive point of that bulb to the powerpack wire that is connected to the coil wire on the terminal board (blue wire).

    Crank the engine and observe that bulb closely (CLOSELY!). If that bulb glows even the slightest bit, the powerpack is okay. It may be a very dim glow... just so it glows! If it doesn't glow, the pack has failed.

    Keep in mind, that type powerpack (Battery Capacitance Discharge) demands a top notch battery of at least 70 amp hours. Any less will, in time, cause powerpack failure.

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    Default " These ignition units were a

    " These ignition units were a bit of a nightmare. What is the status of the clipper circuit??? Is this a salt water motor???. You could hook up a jumper wire from the battery to the ignition on the strip at the back of the motor.This would bypass the ignition switch ,clipper and the wiring. "

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    Default Sparky where is the clipper c

    Sparky where is the clipper circuit? This motor as far as i know is not a salt water motor.Thanks for all your help and am going to get a new power pack i think sure hope it works.

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