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    Default any one know what the timing s

    any one know what the timing should be for a 86' 351 windsor marine engine. it has been changed from points to electronic

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    Default No difference. Jeff

    No difference.


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    Default Re: any one know what the timing s

    Did you find out what the timing is? I have an 89 Bayliner 2755 Cierra Sunbridge with a 351 windsor and was wanting to know the timing as well.

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    Default Re: Timing for a 351 windsor

    When it comes to BASE ignition advance, BASE is BASE all day long, and has little to do with the more important progressive igntion advance and limit.
    See your OEM ignition advance specs.
    Then strobe your balancer at varying RPM.
    Plot this out on paper, and compare to the OEM spec.
    This will be your best and most safe means of setting/checking your ignition advance curve.

    What you'll be looking for, will be a curve similar to this Volvo Penta 5.7L curve.
    NOTE: this is an example ONLY.... not to be used for the Ford Windsor 5.8L engine.

    At all costs, we want to avoid Ignition Induced Detonation that may kill a marine gasser.

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