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    Default replaced the stator & rect

    replaced the stator & rectifier still will not put out more than 12.8 volts please help

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    Default scott..is this a new thread on

    scott..is this a new thread on an old problem?if so i will defer to whoever was helping you before..what is the battery reading when motor is not running?has the battery been swapped out?what is connected to the battery other than the heavy red wire?i suggest disconnecting everything except the heavy red wire..use a multimeter and connect it directly to battery..record reading before you start engine..then start engine and run between 1500 and 2000 rpm..(in water preferbly...or a trash can)i would not run engine very long with the ears at this rpm....give the charging system a few minutes to help battery recover from current drawn in starting engine..you should see meter at your starting point(before cranking)and slowly start creeping up..if it does then your rectifier etc is ok..suspect something pulling excess current that you have disconnected..if it dont then move positive lead to terminal strip output of rectifier..record this reading..compare it to reading on positive post on battery..there should be no difference..it is also possible that you have a bad ground..if the reading on the termina strip is still low the leave the red meter lead on the terminal strip and move the black meter lead to a ground on the motor(any part of motor with no paint on it)..if it goes up then you have a ground problem..do these things and record all the reading and get back to us..Carl

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