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Thread: DV8 saildrive

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    Default "I have a 20 year old DV8 with

    "I have a 20 year old DV8 with a saildrive. Recently it appears that water is leaking into the saildrive unit. I would think that it is leaking around the o-ring at the shaft. I can't see how it would be getting in from above. If anybody has any info on were the leak is, I would appreciate your help."

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    Default "Last summer, I started having

    "Last summer, I started having water in my dv10 saildrive unit. It was simply the plug that was not tight enough. I put a mask, went in the water to check that screw underneath the propeller and it was not tight. I pumped my contaminated oil and replaced it 4-5 times. In fall, I changed the oil and replaced the fiber washer in the plug. No problem since then.


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