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    Default "First time in the water this

    "First time in the water this year and after running for around 20 minutes at 3/4 throttle. A loud squeaking noise (like rubber squeaking) was heard at idle speed. When throttle was increased the squeaking became faster. Took all belts off to eliminate the alternater, power steering and water pump. The noise seemed be coming from the motor but couldn't tell if is was the front at the flywheel or at the back to the leg. The last 4 times out the noise had disappeared. Someone suggested maybe something where the motor connect to the leg. Any comments out there?"

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    Apr 2006
    Rathmines, NSW, Australia

    Default "Have you had the leg off in r

    "Have you had the leg off in recent history and checked the universal joints on the drive shaft, or the gimble bearing ? Do you know what the condition of the engine coupler is like ?
    Peter C"

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    Aug 2006
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Default "Sounds like you have somethin

    "Sounds like you have something running dry. It won't be your drive leg bearings, but I'm betting it is either your U joint bearings or gimble bearing. You will have to pull the drive leg to check it out.

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    Default Thank you for your email and c

    Thank you for your email and comments. I bought the boat new in 1995
    have never had the leg checked or taken off. Is it a big job to do and
    could a non Mechanic change the parts mentioned.

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    Apr 2006
    Rathmines, NSW, Australia

    Default "Andrew, If you have some abil

    "Andrew, If you have some ability with your hands and with the guidence of a manual you should be able to do it youself.
    The leg is not a difficult thing to remove but can be a little on the heavy side, best to use some form of lifting device to take its weight when you undo the retaining bolts to remove it and then again to support its weight on re installing it.
    If you are unsure of what you are looking for, get your local marine guy to check it out for you when you remove the leg.
    When you have it off, check everything and pay particular attention to the bellows, after all they keep the water out of the boat and away from your driveshaft ect, I would be replacing the bellows anyway if you havent done so since 95.
    If you need to replace the gimble bearing or U joints and you do not have the tools to do so, pay your local marine guy to install the U joints or bearing and to align the bearing properly for you before you attempt to reinstall the leg.
    If you are prepared to have a go at it, make sure you consult your manual first, so you know what you are in for and if you are confident enough to do the job, why not, just take your time and double check everything you do and do it step by step as the manual describes, worst case scenario you may have to pay someone to help you out.
    By the way, make sure you fit all new seals and gaskets when refitting the leg ;-))

    Peter C"

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    Default Peter Thanks for your quick


    Thanks for your quick reply and comments. Very helpful. I will take your advice and have a marine mechanic take look at it first and go from there.


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