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    "I just got the heads off my engine and I know that my main block is either a 302/327/350. To check which one I know that the bore and stroke are different between these three. The bore is 4" so that narrows it down to a 327 or 350. I have measured the depth of all of the cylinders (down to the top of the piston) and the one that is down furthest is 3.25" which would make it a 327. My question is whether this is the correct way to measure the stroke? That piston seems all the way down (and the piston next to it is all the way up) but I want to make sure that this is the way to do it. The journal sizes are the same for the 327 and 350 in this late 1967 block so I cant use those to help.

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    "Yes indeed, that is one way to measure stroke. The 3-1/4" crankshaft stroke was used on the 307 and 307. The 4" bore makes it a 327 with the 3-1/4" crank.

    I think you may have seen this reference already, but in case you have not, here is a rundown on the commonly used CC V8 motors, with scans and specs.


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    Default Put a piston all the way down

    Put a piston all the way down and measure to the top of the block.


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