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    Default "A Moparts.com member recommen

    "A Moparts.com member recommended this site. A friend has a 318 reverse rotation engine in a boat that threw a rod. all together now & I am in need of dwell & timing specs. it has an old prestolite? points dist with no vac advance & the flywheel has marks for TDC & 5, 10, & 15 btdc. the valve cover says charger 225. thank you for any help you can provide me. Rapid Robert bobc@inebraska.com"

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    Default " Robert, Dwell Angle is 28

    " Robert,

    Dwell Angle is 28 to 32
    Ignition Timing is 2 1/2 Degrees B.T.C.
    Contact Gap .018"
    Spark Plug Champion XN-9Y
    Gap .035 inch
    500 to 600 rpm IN GEAR with engine warmed up

    Hope this helps
    John "

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    Default "We are trying to work out per

    "We are trying to work out performance issues with a 1976 318 L10 rotation and gear ratio marine engine. The timing mark plate is difficult to read but has a 1/8 whole drilled in it. I'm thinking this must be the mark to set (5 degrees btdc according to the Trojan manual) as there are not any marks prior to that on the btdc side. In neutral the engine sounds great, under load, it only gets to 2500 rpm. With extreme manual advancement, say 15-20 btdc (guessing as there are no marks), it will get to 3500 rpm but a lot of valve chatter. The boat is empty, new lines, gas, filters and 4 barrel carb (default fuel mix at 2 turns out), plugs, wire, fuel pump, distributor etc. and the trim tabs down so I don't think itís a drag issue or bad part. As another writer describes, there is no vacuum running to the distributor (Iím used to GM). How can I be sure of the timing mark and how can I determine if the advance (how ever that works) is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

    There is a bunch of electrical gadgets on a plate on the distributor side of the engine. Maybe there is a way to put a meter on the widget and determine whatís going on?

    Any information is appreciated. Thanks, Stephen Brose sbrose@fs.fed.us"

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