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    Default "All carbs. fuel pump just reb

    "All carbs. fuel pump just rebuilt. Runs real good but needs to Idle down. I have a problem finding how to complete this task. I went to Seloc on line and it says to turn screw on bracket, I turned the screw no change on the Idle.May I be missing something. Can someone help me out.
    Thank You"

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    Default You may need to adjust the cab

    You may need to adjust the cable at the motor to pull the arm against the idle stop screw.

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    Default The cable at the motot which o

    The cable at the motot which one would that be??Should the screw be turned in or out?I'am not very good at this but thought I could handle a easy task as this.

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    Default "Terrance, Depending on the ye

    "Terrance, Depending on the year, the 115 HP mercs were a bit different. There may be a screw marked "Idle Stop". If so, the throttle should be pushed against the screw, when the motor is in neutral. If not, you can adjust the throttle cable barrell nut to push the throttle against the stop. You may also back off the idle stop screw a bit to lower the idle speed, in conjunction with adjustment of the throttle cable barrell nut."

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