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    Default I have a 454 chev motor in my

    I have a 454 chev motor in my 1977 tollycraft.
    It has dual fuel tanks. Broke down yesterday and seemed like it was starved for fuel. Checked out the anti siphon devices on both tanks and getting lots of fuel to the fuel pump and out the other side while turning over. Did the obvious things like changing the fuel filters and replacing the rotor and cap.
    Seems like it almost starts but is not getting enough fuel to turn over at a normal range. It wa running perfectly before it died. Sort of just slowly ran out of power and died. Any ideas?

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    Default "If it's carbed, sounds li

    "If it's carbed, sounds like thats next. Are you getting jets of gas down the throats when you push the throttle forward. If not, I would bet your carb is dry for some reason. Did you change the filter on the carb inlet (if so equipped)?"

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    Default Jenson: Are you sure it d


    Are you sure it did not flood and choke the engine with too much fuel? Mine did the same thing; cruising down the lake at 3500 RPM and it just lost power and would not start. I quickly looked into the carb bowl and saw about an inch of fuel on top of the throttle plate. Turned out to be a faulty needle valve and seat in the carb.

    Another telltale sign of flooding is black and soot comtaminated plugs. Change the needle and seat and the float while you are in the carb. Replace the plugs if they are fouled.
    Fix minor things (replace wear items for preventative maintenance.) that cause major problems before they break.

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