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    Default " Hi I have a 83 merc , 120 hp

    " Hi I have a 83 merc , 120 hp merc, when I get past the no wake zone and open it up it dies. the carp it open , fuel is from a external tank for now.fuel filter is new and have also did rebuild to carb, any more info let me know, thanks bruce "

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    Default "Hard to say exactly where it&

    "Hard to say exactly where it's happening, but it sounds like fuel starvation. Ignition advance is also suspect. Are you gettng a full "shot" from the accelerator pump? Will the engine rev in neutral without bogging?


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    Default " engine does rev in nrtrual b

    " engine does rev in nrtrual but buld in gas line goes dry, I just repalced fuel pump and want to try it out soon hope this does it. "

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    Default " by replacing fuel pump. it n

    " by replacing fuel pump. it now works, thanks for your info. bruce "

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    Default "***** ****** [url=""]***** 71

    "***** ****** ***** 710"

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    Default Re: Starts idels then dies as power is applied

    Im new here i have a 70 Johnson 115 seahorse. It runs great out of the water but when its is in the water i have to keep the choke pushed in at all times when i am at full throttle can any one help me ?

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