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    Neil Smit's Avatar
    Neil Smit Guest

    Default " Desperately looking for a ne

    " Desperately looking for a new manifold for my four cylinder diesel inboard engine. Idetification plate, Chrysler Mod 3N4-33 Enginr model no SD 22 PU Existing part no on the manifold is, 361086, Made in Canada. The engine is a Nissan SD 22 with Chrysler Model no's "

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    Drew M.'s Avatar
    Drew M. Guest

    Default Keith at Blue Ridge Marine 1-

    Keith at Blue Ridge Marine 1-800-621-2215 has the parts and info. Sit down when you call for a price. B.O.A.T.(break out another thousand).

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    Guadalupe's Avatar
    Guadalupe Guest

    Default "Hola, mi nombre es Guadalupe,

    "Hola, mi nombre es Guadalupe, vivo en la ciudad de Hermosillo, y tengo un NISSAN V4 Diessel SD 22, necesito saber en qué lugar comprar refacciones para una posible reparación, mi correo electrónico es :"

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