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    Default "good compression: 130,130,125

    "good compression: 130,130,125,122, #3 cyl. not firing right. It has plently of spark, and when wire is off runs smooth. Has not been run for one year, is the bottom carb gummed up? Why does the #4 cyl run ok? Many thank for input, Chris

    [email protected]"

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    Default maybe the number 3 plug is fo

    maybe the number 3 plug is fouled ?

    any cracks breaks etc in the wire ?

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    Default "Chris..... Mercurys are not m

    "Chris..... Mercurys are not my line of expertise, however when a engine sits for that length of time, it is very common for the carburetors to become fouled. I'd suggest strongly that you remove, clean, and rebuild all of the carburetors before running the engine again.

    Joe (30+ Years Wihth OMC)"
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