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    Default " I have Detroit Diesel 12V71&

    " I have Detroit Diesel 12V71's in my boat. I have had problem with water in my fuel which has caused extensive damage. How can I prevent water contamination in the future? Are there filters, etc. available. Thank you for any suggestions. "

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    Default " There are filters, sensors f

    " There are filters, sensors for water in fuel and a bunch of other items for your problem. Consult a good marine supply store or your local Detroit dealer for help.Good luck, Kim "

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    Default there are additives which can

    there are additives which can be added to the fuel try to find out if you are getting the water in the fuel you buy do others have the same problem keep your tanks full of fuelin cooler weather to prevent any condesation in the tank

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    Default "I don't have much problem

    "I don't have much problem with water in the fuel, but I think I've figured out a way to prevent most of it from accumulating.

    Those unit injectors have to have a LOT of fuel pass through them to cool them. My 671's are specified to pump 40 gallons per hour at 2000RPM. 12V71's might well be twice that. Every bit of that fuel that isn't burned goes back to the tank, HOT! After a long run, my tank is warm enough to heat the cabin quite noticably.

    There's the rub.. as the tank cools it draws in moist outside air that is free to condense it's water in the tank above the fuel level. Happens every time you run. You can separate that water out by installing large filters with water traps, and install water sensors in them, or you can prevent most of the water entry, and avoid a lot of fungal (algie) growth in the tank to boot, if you can install coolers on the return fuel lines. I'm pondering water cooling, but they have to be really well made and of cupranickle. Still the idea of one failing and dumping that much fuel out in the sealanes scares me silly. The other idea is a fan cooled heater core.. Something like a car heater.

    Could be your fuel source too... but GM diesels with unit injectors, do pump an enormous amount of hot fuel into the tanks. Something to think about.

    Arthur [email protected]"

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