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    Default " Hello, I am looking for info

    " Hello, I am looking for information on a six cylinder chrysler marine diesel. Type M-12, Serial No. 1858. I am curious on anything you can give me, rated horsepower, what year it was manufactured etc...

    I also have a 46' boat but I cannot find anything on it to tell me what company manufactured it. I have the hull number, it is: 250145, Steel Hull it was completed in 1946 and it was built in Olympia, WA.

    Any info would be really appreciated, thank you for your time. "

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    Default i recently purchased a boat w

    i recently purchased a boat with the same motors but newer. anything about how to contact the company or get manuels on these enginges would be appectiated. thanks mike

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    Default " If the engines are from abou

    " If the engines are from about 1970-1990, I think you'll find they are Nissan forklift engines.

    Take a couple good pics and stop by a forklift place, and maybe they can ID the engine. "

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    Default "Looking for information on a

    "Looking for information on a Chrysler Nissan Marine Diesel installed in a 1972 Islander Packet. Reputedly has 3000 hours. Any information on manuals, maintenance, parts and problems to look for, and who could survey it would be appreciated."

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    Default "Griff, Do you know that mo


    Do you know that model it is? Or what the engine displacment is?

    We have some of the manuals here."
    Andrew Menkart

    "There is no situation in which knowledge is more truly power than at sea."
    - Lord Brassey

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