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    Default I have a Quicksilver 3000 Cla

    I have a Quicksilver 3000 Classic side mount control box with a bad trim/tilt switch. I have purchased a replacement trim/tilt switch and wire harness (switch is bad since trim/tilt degraded in function over time but the other switches still work on the motor and in front of boat).

    Problem is I can't get the control box loose from the side of the boat (it is crammed tight into a 1997 17.5' SeaRay). Yesterday I removed every nut/bolt/screw I could find and still can't get to the switch or anywhere else. Including a set screw in the base of the throttle assembly.

    Only screws I couldn't remove:
    a phillips head screw on the greasy side where the control cables link up; a phillips head screw on the throttle arm that is inaccessible by any screwdriver I got unless the throttle arm is first removed.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. These things cannot be that complicated????????

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    Default " B, I am not sure exactly

    " B,

    I am not sure exactly which control box you have, but they are all similar. You have to remove the box from the surface that it is mounted on first, then you can take it apart. There should be screws that go through the box and through the surface it is mounted on, with nuts and washers on the other side. Sometimes they screw these into the glass or plywood directly, but this is usually not done.

    I will try to figure out which box you have. If you can describe it it might help.

    Tony "

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    Default Tony - I took the three bolts

    Tony - I took the three bolts you mentioned off. All it did was loosen the control box from the gunwale fiberglass (eg the throttle arm and plate still prohibits removal). Next I removed three more bolts that attach directly from the throttle arm side to the casing crammed inside of my gunwale.....at this point nothing seemed to come loose so I gave up. This afternoon I may re-loosen the latter three bolts and give it rap or two with a rubber mallet.

    Desription of the item - has a single control arm and a ignition kill (no choke lever). Choke can be engaged by pushing a plastic button on the pivot point of the control arm and manipulating control arm forward.

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    Default " Finally got it apart - the p

    " Finally got it apart - the plastic button that enables choke must be broken off, allowing access to the nut that connects the control arm to the control box

    Thanks Mercury for making non-dissambly parts. "

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    Default " B, The plastic button is

    " B,

    The plastic button is not the choke, it just allows you to give the engine throttle without engaging forward gear. There is a kit for rebuilding this mechanism. It fails frequently.

    The choke should be electric. It is usually activated by pushing the ignition key inward while cranking the engine. On some boxes it is a separate switch that you push on for choke.

    Tony "

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    Default I have a quicksilver 3000 cla

    I have a quicksilver 3000 classic shifter on my Bayliner. The button stuck in an I was stuck in neutral. I had to get a tow. I took the button off and tried to pull the center out of neutral by the little projection that holds the center button on. That broke. Do I need a complete shift unit??????

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