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    Default " I noticed the stream of cool

    " I noticed the stream of cooling water that flows out of the engine doesn't flow very fast. (sorry I didn't check if the water is warm or hot)

    Should this be a fairly hard flow when traveling at top speed?

    If it is a problem, where should I start?
    I looked at two items (pumps?) above the top two cylinders at the back.

    The rubber diaphragms don't look ripped or anything, although there is a tiny hole off to one side. It seems this hole is supposed to be there. "

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    Default Ronlong;Does it overheat? Doe

    Ronlong;Does it overheat? Does the alarm horn sound?Does the alarm horn work?If it aint broke you can't fix it.Dude go buy and read a service manual before attempting ANY repairs yourself!!

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    Default "RonLong..... The components a

    "RonLong..... The components at the top of each cylinder head are enclosed thermostats, coupled with water bypass valves. Both cylinder heads should be operating at the same temperture. You can run the engine on a flushette (hose) and get a general idea of the head tempertures simply by feel. If one is running hotter than the other, or if one is running cold, you can pretty well figure that a problem exists in the thermostat area.

    When the thermostat(s) open, water will exit via the slots/holes just above and to the rear of the cavitation plate (the plate just above the propeller).

    Pertaining to the water telltale outlet flow, there should be a strong flow out that hose at any speed. There's always a possibility that the water pump is on the verge of failing. Better to remove the lower unit to check the water pump than to find out the hard way.

    As Zeke mentioned, you would be well advised to obtain a OMC service manual which may be available at this site. One mistake could be quite expensive! At the left of the page, go to Classified/Outboard, then look for the manuals. Good luck.......

    Our questions require answers. If you refuse to answer our questions, how can we answer yours?

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    Default " I have some manuals now that

    " I have some manuals now that I bought from Andrew M. of MarineEngine.com
    Gotta get reading.
    The engine does not seem to be running hot, no alarms, just the water seems to be running slowly out of the "telltale" outlet.
    I will collect some more information before going any further (like feel the water at the telltale)
    I think I'd better get pretty brave to pull off the lower unit for the inspection and/or repair of the pump.
    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. "

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