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    Default "HI all, Your help would b

    "HI all,

    Your help would be much appreciated, I'm 3 hours away from the dealer and in a foreign country.Would have had to leave the motor there and drive back again...

    I've just bought a Yamaha 15hp FMHS, 2 stroke. Came with light coil installed,80 watt alternator, bought a rectifier for recharging my battery I will use for a fishing sonar. I want to use a light at night too, or a spotlight.

    A light coil is for plugging lights, a spotlight? Right?

    2 green wires with connectors come from under the flywheel. The rectifier has 2 green wires with the same connectors, then a black wire (guess that connects to the engine block) and a red wire with a line fuse and two connectors, one before the fuse, one after. Does only one red wire connect to the battery? How about a 12V spotlight or other type of 12V lighting? How do I connect that?

    Green with green, black on engine block? Right?

    red wire has 1 plug before the fuse and one after.

    How do I connect a light and with which red plug. How and which plug do I connect the battery?

    I don't have much knowledge with wiring and electrical but can connect this kit and make the extra wiring with the right instructions.



    wiring from light coil"">


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    Default The two green wires plug toget

    The two green wires plug together.The red wire goes to + on the battery and the black is ground (earth in some ares )

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    Default "Ok for the green wires and gr

    "Ok for the green wires and ground.

    The battery should only have a + red connected to it? Which one, before or after the fuse?
    No - negative from battery going to to meet the ground on the block?

    I 'd like to have a spotlight as well at night, or hanging light when fishing. Can the 80 watt alternator and light coil handle a spot? How to connect that? To battery or light coil (red before fuse)

    Sonar on battery uses very low power.

    Lotsa questions huh?"

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    Default "I would assume the negative o

    "I would assume the negative of the battery goes to the motor chassis. Use the connector 'before' the fuse to connect the positive of the battery.

    If your spot is more than 80 Watts (ish) then using it will gradually drain the battery [img][/img]"

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    Default "One more point. Your rectifie

    "One more point. Your rectifier will get hot, bolt it to something metal and cool to avoid frying it."

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    Default "There is a small metal plate

    "There is a small metal plate (grey, viewed edge on) next to the green wires where the rectifier is to be bolted, between plate and yellow part."

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    Default "Penzman, Connect the red b


    Connect the red before the fuse to the battery positive terminal. The red after the fuse is for accessory power, such as the light you want to use.

    The best way to do this is to run a wire from the connector after the fuse to a fuse panel and wire the accessories from there.

    Yes, you need to run a ground from the engine to the negative battery teminal.


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    Default "Thank you Tony. It's a

    "Thank you Tony.

    It's actually for a 12 ft boat. Don't really want to mount anything permanent in it, like a fuse box. I only want to hook up my 2x12V small batteries to recharge them and run a sonar, and lights at night."

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