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    Default " Hi, thanks for replying if y

    " Hi, thanks for replying if your going too!
    I just picked up a Halcyon 23, circa 1969.
    One of the more obvious things I need to replace is the MD1 exhaust manifold...(a nice large hole gave it away!)
    Does anyone know where there might be one availible at a fairly reasonable price?
    Other than that, does anyone have a diesel of any brand for sale in the 10-15 hp range that would be inexpensive. I figure I could save money on buying an anchor if I found something to replace the MD1 ! "

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    Default made my own out of plumbing p

    made my own out of plumbing pipe...costs a lot less!

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    Gary Lowell's Avatar
    Gary Lowell Guest

    Default " I also have an MD1 in workin

    " I also have an MD1 in working order. Please don't throw out your old MD1, I might be able to use it for parts. I have seen several old MD1s but not just the manifold. Have you check with Volvo Penta directly. That is where I get parts. "

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    Jack Birchley's Avatar
    Jack Birchley Guest

    Default " I have a Volvo MD1 complete

    " I have a Volvo MD1 complete and running with gearbox exhaust system Shaft Prop etc, removed from boat to fit a new NANNI diesel. Offers
    I also have a new exhaust mainifold, possibly a dynastart and other ods and bods.

    Also a volvo MD5 c/w saildrive.
    01621 860441 day 01621 869741 evenings "

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