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    Default " Could anyone give me their v

    " Could anyone give me their veiws on buying a yanmar 260hp diesel, I have a starfish 8 fishing boat with a perkins 130c(mint)but not fast enough , do i go for a perkins 215? or a yanmar(faster),I have had nothing to do with yanmar as yet,coments please "

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    Default " Kelly, around here Yanmar ha

    " Kelly, around here Yanmar has a good rep in their smaller engines, but as far as that particular model I dont know. Local parts and service usually are a big factor in picking an engine. Ask around about your local dealer and see if they get good grades. As far as that particular engine as well as any diesel engines: Usually the naturally aspirated or single turbo engines are best. Some times manafactures will take a base engine rate it at one HP, add a turbo rate it a little higher, add an aftertcooler rate it still higher and so on. It seems the more stuff you put on them the more there is to go wrong. Also the more fuel you try to squeeze thru them, (larger injectors and pumps, twin turbos, etc) the less they last. So..... not to get too long winded, go with the simplest that will give you the power you want. Good luck. Kim PS Any Isuzu dealers in your area? Those things are bullet proof! "

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