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    Default I have 2 six gallon outboard

    I have 2 six gallon outboard tanks that have sludgy gas thats almost varnish with a little rust for good measure. What can I use to remove this mess that is relatively easy and economical. I considered having them dipped but I just as well buy new ones for what that will cost. Anybody? Also thanks to joereeves for the helpful insight on my magneto malfunction. It works now thanks to your suggestions.

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    Default " I put about a quart or so of

    " I put about a quart or so of HOT water and a good detergent in the tank. Put a couple of pieces of chain in the tank and shake it VIGOROUSLY. Work that chain around inside the tank to loosen the rust. Rinse thoroughly and then rinse it again and maybe again. If that doesn't take the rust out, you can use electrolisis and rinse and rinse again. Then I set the tank in the sun to dry thoroughly before adding the fuel to which I add a fuel conditioner and "dry-gas". "

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    Default " colby;Why are you even messi

    " colby;Why are you even messing with it,throw it away go to k-mart/wal-mart somewhere get a new tank.What are you thinking??? Zeke "

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    Default " I agree, there's no sens

    " I agree, there's no sense cleaning out a rusty metal tank; one carb rebuild will cost you the same as buying a new one at WalMart.

    Cleaning sludge out of a plastic tank will work as FEB said, I'd stay away from dry gas though, good for cleaning, very bad for the outboard. Just let the tank completely dry and you will be all set.

    Jon "

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    Default " Colby, I am doing the same

    " Colby,
    I am doing the same cleaning. I dont want a new tank! The ones I have are over 40 years old and the outside is in Great Shape!! And I am restoring this old boat With All oringal. And Try to find a 40 year old tank in Great shape. Good luck with the Cleaning... "

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    Default " Lilbearman, what kind of boa

    " Lilbearman, what kind of boat are you restoring? I am restoring a 57 lonestar fiberglass 15 footer. It has small tailfins but that is what makes it cheesy. I have had alot of compliments on how ugly it is, including my wife who says she will not be seen near it. Oh well, I will just go boating by myself as soon as I get it restored to like new servicable condition. "

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    Default " Funny!! I have a 1963 ford

    " Funny!! I have a 1963 ford van that is ugly as all!! And it is so ugly!! ( Its Cute))! [img][/img])
    I bet the same gos for your boat..
    I have a 1963 hydroswift landau.
    It has a 1963 75HP V4 Johnson That came with the boat in a package deal.. It has been setting all its life. Just needs a whole LoT of Cleaning.. I have The waterskis That also came with this boat same color as the boat.. It was a package deal. that a doctor bought back in 63 used it a few times and then put it in a garage.. Then in march of this year donated it to kindey foundation. And I paid them 1000.00 for it. Sounds like you have a cool boat.. The uglyer THE BETTER!! [img][/img]) At least there wont be two on the water!

    Lilbear "

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