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    Feb 2007
    Madrid, IA, USA

    Default "Greetings, wish I was coming

    "Greetings, wish I was coming here under better circumstances, but unfortunately I need help with a fix instead.

    I have a 1986 Johnson J40ELCDE. While duck hunting last fall I had an unfortunate encounter with a log or something hard while up on plane. The collision knocked the motor up out of the water locking it in the tilt up position. The resulting inspection revealed that the prop would not turn freely, with light pressure it will skip along the teeth of the gears. The shifter still shifts between F-N-R with no problems. There is no visible damage to the lower unit housing. I've been told by a friend that I've done something to the lower gears. Is that a correct diagnosis?

    Secondly, I've found a reconditioned 1982 lower unit from a 50 hp OMC. By the information I've been able to gather, this should be compatible with my motor. Can anyone verify that?


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    Nov 2005
    lockhart, texas, US

    Default "What you have,is basically,a

    "What you have,is basically,a de-tuned 50 hp.I would bet on a shattered clutch dog..!I do believe,that other unit, will go right on there.Be sure to install a new water pump kit in any way you go,while u have it off."

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    May 2006
    pensacola, fl., u.s.a.

    Default in fwd. gear prop should "

    in fwd. gear prop should "skip" if turned fwd. should lock-up if turned in REVERSE. same (only different) for reverse. should spin free in nuet. check before investing in new lower.

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    Nov 2006
    blaxland, bue mountains NSW, AUSTRALIA

    Default revenge of (rambo duck)

    revenge of (rambo duck)

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    Feb 2007
    Madrid, IA, USA

    Default "Thanks guys.<[img]"http://www

    "Thanks guys.

    I got a really good deal on the other lower unit, actually less than what a new set of gears cost. It has been completely gone through, new seals, water pump, pressure tested, etc. Got it from a guy who is reducing inventory in anticipation of retirement. His son indicated to me that getting the shift linkage loose and hooked back up can be a real pain on these motors. Anyone have advice on how to best go about that and minimize that pain?!?"

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    not-a-student's Avatar
    not-a-student Guest

    Default There is no pain at all. Just

    There is no pain at all. Just remove the starter and it becomes easy.

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    Feb 2007
    Madrid, IA, USA

    Default That is what I have been told.

    That is what I have been told...

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