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    Default " I had written earlier about

    " I had written earlier about "another water in oil" and got a couple of great tips. Unfortunatly I discovered the block is in fact cracked from freezing. I am now asking for any and all opinions and/or advice from anyone.
    I am debating selling the boat for what I can get for it and buying another one vice replacing the motor. Reason being, the Navy keeps me real busy and I would struggle to find the time to do the engine swap. Plus, I have the tools and knowledge but not a hoist that would lift the motor high enough (i live in a rural part of Tn. only one rental yard within miles and they only have a standard car engine hoist)
    I have found a guy named Roger from Michiganengine.com on e-bay that buys "quality control" late model GM marine engines and resells them for about $1700, (the motors are pulled off the GM Marine division assembly line at random to check quality control and cannot be sold as new) plus another $500 for new exhaust manifolds and I've got $2500-$3000 in repairs.
    On the other hand, NADA lists my '89 Cheetah average retail at $5200. The boat is in great shape other than the cracked short block. Would it be reasonable for me to sell the boat for $1500-$2000 to someone who is better suited to repair it, buy another boat and take the lesson learned? "

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    Default "It's a personal decision,

    "It's a personal decision, Scott. The numbers may say one thing, but which outcome do you prefer.....a boat and the expenses that come with it, or no boat and some bucks in your pocket? How much do you like this boat?

    One thought on doing the first choice.....if your investment in this boat exceeds its book value by a considerable amount, say $2000 or more, talk to your insurance agent about increasing your coverage or getting an agreed amount policy. Insurers won't pay more than the book value if the boat is totalled. Document your improvements, also.


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    Default " Well you could repair the cr

    " Well you could repair the crack using marine-tex, and then sell the boat at a slightly better price. I ran two cracked blocks (twin engine) for 3 years using marine-tex. Before I finally repowered. "

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