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Thread: Shaft Alignment

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    Default "Can anyone tell me the correc

    "Can anyone tell me the correct,definative way to check the alingment of my shafts. Every one I ask has a different suggestion, from using fishing scales to weigh the shaft & coupling to using a dial indicator. The boat is a glass hulled 71 Trojan express with velvet drive transmission. thanks in advance."

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    Default "Here's how...Slack off th

    "Here's how...Slack off the coupling nuts but leave them on the bolts. Slide the shaft back a bit to make sure it's not stuck to the transmission, and then slide it forward so the flanges are tight together. Stick a feeler gauge in between them on the sides and on the top and bottom. If it's right on, the readings will be the same. If the top is more open than the bottom, the front of the engine needs to come up (assuming that it's not a vee drive.) Same on the sides, move the engine towards the more open side. It's not rocket science, but tweaking it to within 2 thou will give you a vibration free connection."

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    Default "need correct procedure to che

    "need correct procedure to check alignment of hurth v-drives in 34 searay, 380 horizons"

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