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    Default I have a fresh 5.7 Right rota

    I have a fresh 5.7 Right rotation just need to know what the firing order is 12756348? and about what the timing should be? Would anyone happen to know what size oil filter fits on that remote oil filter thing i crossed the old filter and it came up with a dotiz or some thing diesel 14.00 dollars each i would think they would have used more common filters thanks for the help ! TY

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    Default " If you have a CCW (Stand

    " If you have a CCW (Standard rotation) GM V8 the firing order is 18436572. As far as the filter is concerned, that is determined by the marinizer of the engine. Is it a Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo, Yamaha, Crusader, etc? Different manufacturers use different remote filter assemblies. It is a standard filter, but you need to give us a bit more information. Timing will also be determined by the mfg. usually 8-10 degrees BTDC. Again more info is needed to help you accurately. "

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