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    Default " 1978 Johnson 55, 55EL78. I a

    " 1978 Johnson 55, 55EL78. I ask you this before I have done any troubleshooting on the solenoid. I have a ARCO rebuilt starter which I have taken apart, cleaned, checked the brushes, lubed the bearings, cleaned the commutator and reassembled. I installed two new battery cables, the battery is newer and fully charged at 2 amps for three full days. The starter wants to drag when cranking, cranks very slowly or won't crank at all unless I cycle the ignition switch. I hear the starter solenoid click even when the starter won't engage. I really used the starter alot while I was troubleshooting multiple running problems with the engine, thats the main reason I disassemble it for inspection, it got very hot at times. The starter dragging problem existed from day one but has got progressively worse over the months with every engine start. Everything looks almost new inside the starter. I have cleaned every wiring connection on this engine with a wire brush and installed star washers. Using deductive reasoning the starter solenoid is all that remains.
    What do you think? "

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    Default "Bryan.... A electric starter

    "Bryan.... A electric starter that gets very hot usually indicates that it is failing. However, since you are positive that all of the connections are clean and tight and feel that the solenoid may be faulty, simply (CAREFULLY) jump a cable from the top stud of the solenoid to the bottom stud of the solenoid, effectively eliminating the solenoid.

    Before doing the above however, I would suggest that, with a voltage meter, you check the battery voltage at the battery side of the solenoid, then hook up that voltage meter to the cable leading to the starter so that you could observe if the voltage is indeed 12 volts, or if a voltage drop exists when you engage the solenoid.

    If the voltage holds at 12 volts and the starter still turns slow and gets hot, that (in my opinon) would indicate a faulty starter.

    We occasionally have questions. If you fail to answer, it may affect ours.

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    Default " You the man Joe! I will chec

    " You the man Joe! I will check this tommorrow. I went ahead and ordered a new starter solenoid since I had to order a rectifier anyway. The solenoid is'nt very expensive. The starter got pretty (smoking) hot from extended cranking. I could have burned it up but everything looked good inside it. I still have a few items to clear up on this engine before I put it in the water. I want to check the charging system. The rectifier had one wire that had broken and as I was trying to splice it the wire just kept falling apart like it was burned up, until I ended up with just a nub to solder a new wire to. I don't trust it and it would probably fail anyway.
    Thanks for the information Joe. "

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    Default " BRYAN . if all else fails ,

    " BRYAN . if all else fails , or maybe try this first , remove EARTH cable from side of block &
    transfer to starter motor ,mounting bolt ..
    the earth is just as important as power cable
    have found a lot of 70 hp E/rude & Johno,s
    here in AUS of around the late 1970 to mid 1980s with this problem , hope this helps
    Regards Steve Green . Perth Australia .. "

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    Default Pull the starter apart and ch

    Pull the starter apart and check for continuity from commutator to ground. It should be infinity.If it smoked it is likely bad.

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    Default " Does someone have any diagra

    " Does someone have any diagrams of the electrical connections for a Johson 200GT, selinoid connection, also, need some help with some hoses connection, there is upper outlet hose under the fly wheel drainage, and last lower connect hose looks like drainage for oil residous, need to know where these two outlet go hook up to? "

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    Default FOLLOW UP: I replaced the st

    I replaced the starter solenoid today and the problem is solved. Engine cranks first time every time. Thanks for all the feedback.

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