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    Default I'm stuck. Sears no long

    I'm stuck. Sears no longer carries parts for my 7.5 HP Gamefisher outboard. I need a carburetor. What do I do?

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    Default "Mike..... I'm curious. Wh

    "Mike..... I'm curious. Why would you need a new complete carburetor? Is it missing or broken somehow, or does it simply need cleaning and rebuilding?

    We occasionally have questions. If you fail to answer, it may affect ours.

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    Default " Mike: a lot of those old Gam

    " Mike: a lot of those old Gamefishers were made by Chrysler and some were made by Tecumseh. Parts are available for both. Maybe not a complete carburetor, but certainly some carb kits.The Tecumseh outboards were air cooled - the Mopars were water cooled. With some more information, like a model number or what is acually wrong with the carb would be helpfull. Good luck. "

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    Default " Thanks guys. The motor used

    " Thanks guys. The motor used to run great, but it sat for 5 years. I will clean the carburetor and attempt a kit if I can get one. But in the long run, I probably should look to give it away and buy something else. Thanks for the info on Chrysler & the Japanese companies. "

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    Default " hey I also have a 19? 7.5h.p

    " hey I also have a 19? 7.5h.p. Gamefisher if you give it away, let me know, i really need a flywheel key.

    Jordan "

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    Default " I have a 5 HP Gamefinder wit

    " I have a 5 HP Gamefinder with only a partical ending numbers, can anyone tell me where i can find out what year it is? also, There is a place in Detroit, Michigan called Discount Marine, the phone number is (248) 588-0633 ask for Sherwood Taylor. Sorry i only have the phone number. I under stand he carries carborator gaskets and re-build kits for this motor. "

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    Default I need a gas line adaptor for

    I need a gas line adaptor for a 5 HP Gamefisher;

    Where can I find one?

    Someone gave this motor to me and I'm trying to see if it will run; I have the fuel line but no male adaptor to connect it too a gas tank.

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