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    Brian Warrener's Avatar
    Brian Warrener Guest

    Default I have a 175 hp 95 model john

    I have a 175 hp 95 model johnson that appears to have air in the power trim and tilt . The oil level is ok and the trim works but when you reverse the motor comes up about an inch or so. Can any one tell me how to bleed the system.
    Kind regards Brian W.

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    Feb 2001
    Central West Florida

    Default "Brian..... I retired before t

    "Brian..... I retired before that unit came into existence, however those units have always been self bleeding. You say the oil level is okay. Are you checking it in the extreme full tilt position as it should be?

    Our questions require answers. If you refuse to answer our questions, how can we answer yours?

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    Brian Warrener's Avatar
    Brian Warrener Guest

    Default Yes Joe checked as per the ow

    Yes Joe checked as per the owners manual with the motor at full tilt (up). It's more annoying than a real problem at first I thought it was worn pins and bushes but they're fine.when the motor is all the way down it's fine but when you lift it slightly you can then pick the motor up by hand another inch or so and the way the rod moves inthe cylinder it just seems like air.

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    Jul 2002

    Default check the manual release valv

    check the manual release valve - could be loose or o-rings damaged allowing air to get in.

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    Nov 2005

    Default " There is a funtion in the Fa

    " There is a funtion in the Fastrac trim/tilt system that releases the motor if you strike an underwater object. It acts like a shock absorber. Sounds like the check valve controlling that funtion has a problem. Could be a distorted seat (they're plastic) or dirt in the seat preventing the valve from closing fully. Its a lot of fun to get to. Just in case you have air trapped in a cylinder, tilt the motor up fully, then manually let it tilt down fully three times. The air should escape through the manual relief valve. "

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    Default " I have a 96, Johnson 175 oce

    " I have a 96, Johnson 175 ocean runner with a power tilt/trim problem. In the fall when the boat was winterized it worked fine. I just put the batteries in, hit the tilt button and the engine won't come up. There is fluid leaking out of the pump. Can anyone walk me through checking this out???? "

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    Default Re: 175 hp Johnson power tilt problem

    I am new to this site and after a search found this forum. My 93 fastrike is doing the same thing and has the slack in the tilt cylinder, and the impact relief system may have the same issue. Is there a way to try and push fluid backwards through the system to try and dislodge any dirt that may be on the seat or are you just stuck taking the thing apart to fix this issue.

    Any help is greatly appreciated and sorry to bring up an old forum, but haven't found any information through searching.


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