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Thread: Engine controls

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    Default I have changed my engine. The

    I have changed my engine. The new is a Sea Maxx 7.4L MPI. My question is on the throtal cable on the old as you gave it throtal the cable would exend outward. On the new i appears that the cable should suck in to give throtal. Do I need to change my controls?

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    Default " Depends on your controls. Ar

    " Depends on your controls. Are they Morse or other Marine controls? If so they are easily adaptable to either push or pull activated. The other thing you may be able to do is to change the direction the cable mounts to the engine. In other words if your old cable attatched from the front, swing mounting point towards rear of engine, and it will work OK. You should not have to buy a new control. Good luck and post another ? if needed. Kim "

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