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    Will J's Avatar
    Will J Guest

    Default " This motor, other than idlin

    " This motor, other than idling, runs great. In colder weather, it idles OK. As the water and weather warms up, idling deteriorates, to the point in hot weather, it will not idle at all. I have checked compression, ignition, seems to me to be too rich. I have pulled the carbs, and will clean them, and put in new kits. Is there anything else I should look at? I have heard something about check valves? where are they?
    Can I clean them?, or do they need replacements?
    I have considered a set of Boyesen reeds. Anyone have any feedback on them?

    Will "

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    Feb 2001
    Central West Florida

    Default "Will.... Be sure to clean tho

    "Will.... Be sure to clean those carbs thoroughly, including the fixed high speed jets that are located in the center bottom of the float chambers, and also the small brass feed tubes that lead from the float chamber to the upper body.

    The check valves you speak of are actually called recirculating valves. look at the small hoses that lead to the intake manifold. Those hoses will lead you to the (6) valves. They cannot be repaired, and the passage way of fuel should lead from the inside of the valve out to the hose connection. If even a small amount of air pressure can be felt or seen flowing backwards, replace the valve.

    Your s/plugs should be Champion QL77JC4 plugs, gapped at .040 . Compression should be approx 100+ psi and even on all cyls. Spark (with the s/plugs removed) should jump a 7/16" gap on all cylinders at cranking speed.

    Our questions require answers. If you refuse to answer our questions, how can we answer yours?

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    Sep 2006
    southgate, mi,

    Default Question I have a 1989 60 hp

    Question I have a 1989 60 hp Johnson that studders at high speed .I have had the power pack checked also the stator& timer base The carbs have been cleaned changed plugs changed reeds compression good electric fuel pump no oil injection changed fly wheel.somewhere over 4000rpms when it starts doing this.GrimesPeggy@

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