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    Default anyone have experience with t

    anyone have experience with the Steyr line of 6 cylinder engines. Am considering Steyr or Yanmars for a 30'x 11' aluminum sportfishing boat for use here in Alaska.

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    Default " Not sure about the inlines,

    " Not sure about the inlines, but the few V8s sold in this area are fast but wont last. Probably because of the RPMs they spin at. 4300 or so for a diesel, YIKES! People in my area (Maine) have had super luck with Isuzu inline 6's. I have 2500 hours and am at the bottom of the hour range. Know of several in the 15000 Hour range and two in the 30000 plus, (yes thats 30 Thousand) and have had only minor issues. Good luck, Kim "

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    Default " Steve, the Steyrs are great

    " Steve, the Steyrs are great engines. Kim from Me. is full of <FONT COLOR=""ff0000"">••••</FONT>. They do not have a V8 but the 6 cyl has a service life 8-10000 hrs. Generaly you can prop them for 3900rpm or less at wot. Don&#39;t get me wrong, Yanmars are fine but the Steyrs are tough as hell. Izusus are also tough, but did there small 6cyl meet new emissions? "

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    Default can any 1 tell me where to get

    can any 1 tell me where to get parts for 3.2 diesel 200hp steyr engine I need rocker arms part number 2178150/1

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    Default "I am currently in the midst o

    "I am currently in the midst of a repower project and in my prep work Steyr was one of the engines I looked at. But, I went with Yanmar. The main reason for my decision wasn&#39;t because I didn&#39;t think Steyr was a good engine but because of available service. Finding competant mechanics for Steyr in this part of Florida is difficult. &#40;in fact I had some boatyards say they didn&#39;t want to work on them at all&#41; Plus, I do a lot of cruising in the Bahamas where available service is even more scarce. Yanmar is an extremely good reliable and durable engine and service is almost universally available."

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    Default "Can anyone help with the foll

    "Can anyone help with the following:

    Fault codes for Steyrmotor M16 TCAM MO 236 K42

    23 potentiometer accelerator
    55 RPM sensor

    Engine will run sometimes but only for short bursts, engine will start but only when throttle is open 3/4 - full. Has this something to do with throttle position/feed back?

    would be greatful for any help/suggestions


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    Default "Stuart: If you go to this


    If you go to this www site:
    you can download the service pubs for that engine.

    The &#34;06&#34; section covers the sensors - locations, tests, etc. I think you&#39;ll find enough info to tackle the repair.

    I&#39;ve never worked on a STEYR but understand they are quality units. I&#39;ve never seen simultaneous failures of sensors; typically a common wire between the two separates or something similar.

    I&#39;d also suggest downloading the entire set of documents and writing them to CD - that way they will be handy with no internet access."

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