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    Default I have a 1968 289 Interceptor

    I have a 1968 289 Interceptor engine in my boat. looking for parts.

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    Default "Glenn, Most of the parts w


    Most of the parts will be available as aftermarket items and can be cross referenced to that model or to the individual part number. Having the original part numbers is usually a help when searching for parts. We offer some manuals if you need them.

    Manifolds would probably be the hardest part to find for that engine.

    What are you looking for?

    Andrew Menkart

    "There is no situation in which knowledge is more truly power than at sea."
    - Lord Brassey

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    Default " Hi, I am looking for a vo

    " Hi,

    I am looking for a voltage regulator. The part numbers on mine are unreadable. "

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    Default " Try your local NAPA Store. T

    " Try your local NAPA Store. They have an excellent Marine Cat. and given you have the year of engine, they should be able to help you out. Hint: Go to the oldest or most experienced counter guy, as these days the new generation of counter persons cant find wiper blades for your car unless you know year, make , model, engine sive and whether or not it has fuel injection, or a throttle body injection. Kim "

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    Default I have manifolds for a 292 or

    I have manifolds for a 292 or 312 I do not know if they will fit 289 they should be the same small block manifolds but they will not be cheep ill charge 100 dollars less than marine sales and service in clinton twp michigan because I think that guy is a thief. To anyone out there I need a cam shaft new or used for a 312 I am currently rebuilding left turn. I also have horizontal intake manifolds as well as misc timing gears ect. leave a message 248 628 4676

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    Default I am looking for a 1001358 fl

    I am looking for a 1001358 flywheel or a 1001360 ring gear. Anybody have one?

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    Default i have a ford 289 engine. inbo

    i have a ford 289 engine. inboard of course i have no idea where to get anything or even look for parts for it. how can i tell what type of engine it is? all i see is ford. 289. v8 single carb? anything else im in the dark? help

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    Default "SteveR, Is there a namepla


    Is there a nameplate on the engine?

    The plate should say Ford Interceptor. The nameplate should have a serial number, post it here and we can supply some other details."
    Andrew Menkart

    "There is no situation in which knowledge is more truly power than at sea."
    - Lord Brassey

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    Default "Ford 312 Interceptor motor Pa

    "Ford 312 Interceptor motor Parts. I have a linebored block, and new heads. Lots of other parts too"

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    Default "Budlight, You could post


    You could post them for sale in our classifieds."
    Andrew Menkart

    "There is no situation in which knowledge is more truly power than at sea."
    - Lord Brassey

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    Default A Ford 289 is similar to a 302

    A Ford 289 is similar to a 302 and 351. THe 292/ 312 series of engines are ENTIRELY different animals.


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    Default "If you have an 312 engine alr

    "If you have an 312 engine already I can help you with some parts for both the motor and the offset Dearbo transmission. If you look hard, you could find a complete engine on the net, I have seen them. If you do find one and plan on mixing your parts with the located motor be aware that the transmission came in four flavors, The Model A, B, C, and D. The Model A and B have the flywheel housing and transmission case as one piece. The Model A use engine oil and had no dipstick (the dual stage engine oil pump would by-pass engine oil to be used by the transmission which would then be returned to the oil pan. The Model B had a dipstick and used transmission fuild. The pump was part of the engine oil pump but the bottom half was sealed off from the top motor side. The Model C & D were almost the same. They had separate flywheel housing and transmission case and ran on trans fuild. The offset gear half had different gear ratios Make sure you get the correct ratio. If you can post a pictures of your unit I might be able to tell you what you have. It would help if you could get the serial number off the timing chain cover."

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    Default "I own a 57 Century Arabian.

    "I own a 57 Century Arabian. I need an engine and transmission overhaul. The boat has a 185 HP Interceptor engine #ECZ 6015-B. The Transmission has the number 1007-A on the side. May be a Dearborn A model) The transmission is fed from the crank case, no dip stick. Do you know the manufacturer of the transmission? Also, I am located in Austin Texas and need to find someone local (200 mi – Dallas – Houston) that can overhaul the engine and transmission. The engine has been running fine, but there is oil in the exhaust. The transmission is refusing to shift except at higher RPM’s. There is MUCK inside the engine and trans. Also, which manuals can I buy to get the engine and transmission?

    Mike Castleman
    5221 Scout Island circle
    Austin, Texas 78731
    [email protected]"

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    Default "Birdstone, According to your

    According to your post, I must have a C or D model Dearbo transmission. Though mine is not drop style, it's straight. The question is where can I buy seals, etc? The boat is a 1964 Century resorter 15' with interceptor Ford. Last weekend while in reverse, a bolt holding the coupling to the output shaft on the trans. broke. I would like to replace the output shaft seal and any other seals I can. Source?"

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    Default "Mike, Your engine can be reb

    Your engine can be rebuilt by any good engine rebuilder. The engine number you posted is a Ford number not the engine number, which you should find stamped into the timing cover. The main issue they will have is with the oil pump. If the transmission oil side of the pump is bad you could buy two engine oil pumps for the motor and cut down the gears or rotor(Interceptor used both types) to use in your old pump. As per your transmission it was based on a Ford automotive type. Many of the parts are the same. Be sure that the trans shop you take it to uses metal sealing rings and not teflon for the forward piston cylinder cover. The weak part of the trans was this cover. The rings would cut groves in it when the trans was run out of alignment. I may have a cover some where in my gargage. I will look when time allows. Use paper clutch (thats what I call them) plates not bronze. The next problem you mey have is with the shift spool, I do have those if you's is bad. I'll take I look and see if I have any extra manuals. Interceptor made the transmission. I believe they sold everything they had on the transmission to a marine dealer in the Midwest when they started using Warner transmission.

    I'll look and see if I can get you some seal numbers. By the way, your engine is a INTERCEPTOR marine engine which used a Ford block. If your transmission has bigger problems then just the bolt you may look at converting to a Warner transmission. In your case it would require little work to covert, unlike Mike who would have to buy a new bell housing, cooler, and a new oil pump for the motor. If you think this is a good option, post that thought and I can make a list of items you would need and what problems to look out for.


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    Default "Hector, Thanks for the info!

    Thanks for the info!
    I'd rather not convert, as the trans. seems to run fine. Can you post the marine dealer in the midwest that interceptor sold these dearbormatic parts to? Sounds like most of these parts are probobly Ford trans. parts. Is dearbormatic trans service covered in an interceptor marine manual?

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    Default i have a 1963 boat w/ an inter

    i have a 1963 boat w/ an interceptor motor the # is T84L317964can you give me more info and specs on this engine thank you

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    Default "I have a Ford Interceptor Mar

    "I have a Ford Interceptor Marine Engine, can anyone tell me the specifiations on this??

    Number: 31R18270 stamped under interceptor"

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    Default "i have an rebuildable 312 int

    "i have an rebuildable 312 intercepter complete with every componet attached to the motor regulator,pump every thing,and a walker transmission,all parts marine all complete"

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    Default "I am in need of a water pump

    "I am in need of a water pump for a 312. Mine has missing rubber fins. Anyone know if these are available and if so, where?"

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    Default "I am in search of a set of Fo

    "I am in search of a set of Ford 312 motor mounts that were used in Century's. Here is a picture of what I am looking for. If you need numbers or more pictures please let me know.

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    Default "If your engine has 165 h.p. s

    "If your engine has 165 h.p. sticker on valve cover it is a 260 c.i. Same as mine in a resorter 15&#39;<font color=""ff0000""><font face=""arial&#44;helvetica""></font></font>}"

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    Default "Hi,everyone.I recently bought

    "Hi,everyone.I recently bought a Dunphy x 55. w/ a 215 hp interceptor.It is complete.looks like nothing missing.I am going to part it out.all i want to keep is the block and heads.you can call me and leave a message for more info.903 875 9501"

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    Default Hello everyone. I'm the ne

    Hello everyone. I&#39;m the new proud owner of a 1962 Correct Craft compact Skier. It&#39;s powered with a Ford Interceptor V-8. I see from the original CC brochure that these boats were available new with an 85 h.p. and a 100 h.p. engine. Can anyone tell me how to identify what I have? Is this maybe the Ford 260 cu.in. ? Thanks in advance for any and all information you can give me.

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    Default I have a Ford Interceptor with

    I have a Ford Interceptor with 300 hp on the valve cover. It is in a 66 Century Coronado. the fuel pump developed leaks. A marine operator kitted it. I can&#39;t make the pump work. Is there some secret to getting them going. Do they need prime?

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    Default "I have a Dearbo Model A trans

    "I have a Dearbo Model A transmission with the off-set gears on the back. It&#39;s slow shifting into reverse. Had a very good Ford-A-Matic guy put in new bearings, clutches and seals. Still had the problem. Had the oil pump surfaces milled to the lowern end of the tolerances. Still slow. By-passed the transmission oil filter to see if it would make a difference. It didn&#39;t. I have a velvet drive, bell housing and cooler but it will reverse the shaft rotation, and I would just as soon keep it as stock as possible. Any suggestions?"

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    Default "Bill, First off what is your

    First off what is your oil pressure going into the gear box? Secondly have you adjusted your reverse band according to the specs? If the reverse band is to loose the reverse solenoid piston has to travel further causing a delay, when you say its slow is it a second, two seconds, or what?
    A one second delay is not abnormal for shifting into reverse.

    What boat is this in? If its in a Century you definetly don&#39;t want to change the prop rotation. The shafts were offset to the rudder to compensate for offset thrust and reversing the rotation would cause for poor turning capabilities to the right."

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    Default "Dear all, I have a '57

    "Dear all,

    I have a &#39;57 Dearborn
    Interceptor Marine Engine 185 HP.Number 75879.
    It is the heartbeat of a &#39;57 custom swiss made runabout by Portier.

    Of course I am in need of the already mentioned oilpump. Does somebody have such an oilpump or know where to get it?

    I live in the Netherlands, I can arrange shipping from anywhere.

    Please contact me if you have such an oil pump and want to sell it.

    Picture Oil Pump

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    Default "Ford Interceptor marine engin

    "Ford Interceptor marine engine &amp; tech manual, 185 HP, &#34;C&#34; model, 10 degree offset transmission reduction gear, Eng. #C22R02216, were in a Century Lapside boat &amp; were disassembled to refurbish hull. Engine was strong when removed. Have all parts, gas tank, controls, drive shaft, prop, motor mounts &amp; everything required for reassembly. Never in salt water. Stored in NV. Will throw in boat at no cost. $4000. Contact CLIFF 775-426-8966 or [email protected]."

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