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    Default " Hello, This is an industr

    " Hello,

    This is an industrial engine I'm going to convert to a marine engine. It was made for Thermo King by Yanmar. Thermo King is a company which transports refrigerated goods across country.

    Does anyone have any information on these? Parts, manuals, info on the conversion?

    Bill "

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    Default " Bill, I think you have a

    " Bill,

    I think you have a 3GM30 engine.

    The marine engine is 75 mm bore the Thermo King engine is 72 mm bore. However the following will work.

    Good luck though... I have a bunch of em and CAN'T find any marine parts.

    You will need the following:

    Timing cover
    thermostat housing
    oil pan
    oil pump pickup
    front crank pulley
    exhaust manifold (water cooled)
    intake manifold
    air cleaner
    fuel injection lines
    bell housing
    marine transmission
    marine water pump
    marine valve cover.
    and much more.

    I have been through all this with Mack
    Boring Co. (Yanmar distributor).

    It ain't worth the trouble

    Ernie "

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