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    Default I am interested in attending

    I am interested in attending a school for repairing outboard engines. Can anyone help with any information as to where they may be located? Please respond. I have been looking for almost a month and have had no luck. Thanks.

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    Default "Chuck.... Usually the only ou

    "Chuck.... Usually the only outboard engine schools that exist are the ones that are run by the outboard manufactuer. The Evinrude/Johnson dealers then send their employees to whatever school. This results in one having to talk their way into working for a dealership, then having them send them to the school.

    Should a independent school of any kind exist, I'm not aware of it.

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    Default " there is an outboard school

    " there is an outboard school in florida,don't remember the name but they are advertised in boating mags, you might also try correspondence schools. "

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    Default " Chuck, I don't know w

    " Chuck,

    I don't know where you are from, but there are several schools in NJ. Penco Tech offers both marine engine and PWC classes. I believe several manufactureres use this facility for their factory training certification. To the best of my knowledge, Camden County College also has classes. "

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    Default the school is under UTI tech

    the school is under UTI tech institute in Orlando florida. Marine Machanics Institute. I went there and got a great heads up start into the marine industry

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    Default AMI American Marine Institute

    AMI American Marine Institute W International Blvd Daytona Beach Florida

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    Default marine engine repair schools

    marine engine repair schools

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    Default "The MMI in Orlando is a great

    "The MMI in Orlando is a great school to attend, they give you all the tools that you need to become a entry level tech into the industry. They offer a great training. Here is the web site,

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