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    Ken Kapp's Avatar
    Ken Kapp Guest

    Default " I have to remove the flywhee

    " I have to remove the flywheel on the 150 Yamaha and would like to use my air driven impact wrench. I know you aren't supposed to strike the flywheel with a hammer so is the impact wrench OK or would there be a chance of dislodging the magnets? I have to determine if I have a 3 bolt or 4 bolt stator before they can tell which powerhead to send out. I also plan to use heat from a mapp gas torch if propane isn't hot enough on the bolts that hold the power head on. If I have to saw them off, as Tony suggested, is the spacer expensive? I have to ship back my powerhead in order to receive the $750 core charge and don't want to do anything to cause the core to be down valued. Thanks for your help and

    Best regards,
    Ken "

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    Join Date
    May 2001

    Default " Ken, I think you should u

    " Ken,

    I think you should use a puller to get the flywheel off. You should be able to use an ordinary puller for this.

    You can use the impact wrench, but I don't see how it would remove the flywheel. I guess you are referring to the flywheel nut here.

    Tony "

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    Ken Kapp's Avatar
    Ken Kapp Guest

    Default " Thanks Tony and all who repl

    " Thanks Tony and all who replied. Yes I was worried about removing the flywheel nut. It actually came off easily with a home made flywheel holding tool. I pulled it with a low cost puller although I had to buy some 8mm bolts. I tagged all of the oil lines and took pictures of the engine as I disassembled it. One set of reed valves was badly broken, but the housing was OK except for minor scratches. Should I use a gasket sealer when reassembling the manifold/reed valve housing? The gasket looks like they didn't use a sealer when they originally put it together.

    I am to pick up the new/rebuilt powerhead monday morning. It will cost about $3,300 dollars. I want to keep my old powerhead so I can swap the parts as I remove them. Again thanks to all who responded. I hope I can do this job with your guidance.

    Best regards,
    Ken "

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    Join Date
    May 2001

    Default " Ken, The manufacturer did

    " Ken,

    The manufacturer did not use gasket sealer on those gaskets, and if the surfaces are smooth you don't need to either, but if you want to you can use a thin film of gasket sealer on both sides of the gaskets. Put the gasket on a piece of cardboard and brush on the sealer. Then take a putty knife and spread the sealer as thinly as possible. Turn the gasket over and do the same thing. Turn the gasket and go over it with the putty knife again on both sides. This gives the gasket a very thin coat of sealer.

    Tony "

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