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    Default Steering cables starting to t

    Steering cables starting to tighten up. Is there any way to clean them out or is it better to replace. I have seen the replacement nut that has a grease fitting on them. Does this help the cables to last any longer?

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    Default " wesley, You w

    " wesley,

    You want to be sure that it is the cable and not something to do with the engine or helm; by pulling the cable out of the tilt tube you'll be able to check and be sure the engine isn't what's freezing up. Those grease fittings don't do much as far as the cable is concerned. They are made to lubricate only the steering ram(piston that slides in and out of the tilt tube) and to prevent water from getting in there - this area can be problematic, but if the cable itself is failing, that won't help, although it shouldn't hurt either. Also, most engines have a grease fitting on the tilt tube that allows you to easily grease that area anyway.

    Jon "

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    Default " wesley, This is the way I

    " wesley,

    This is the way I did, when my steering cable began to seize (still possible to move though). The goal is to bring grease inside the cable end (motor end).
    I will try to explain it without any pictures.
    If you take cable end out of the tilt tube, you will find the cable end tube has its inner diameter giuded by an ?nner guide tube? Throughout the whole stroke of the cable end there is no opening to bring in the grease.
    (For this solution getting in the grease, it is necessary that the outer diameter of the cable end has a snug fit inside the tilt tube.)

    Turn the steering wheel to fully extend the the cable end.

    Pull out the cable from the tilt tube, so far that you can see the whole ?nner guide tube?
    Put a thick layer of grease on to the ?nner guide tube?

    Put the cable end back in place into the tilt tube. The grease should now fill up the whole available volume inside the tilt tube.

    Turn the steering wheel to fully retract the the cable end. The available volume will decrease, and the grease has to go somewhere. If you are lucky the grease will go through the gap between the cable end tube and the ?nner guide tube? and then it? inside.

    This has to be repeated until you have got enough grease into the system.

    Of course the unit has to be ?xercised?during the procedure, to work the grease further inside.
    It worked for me, hope it will work for you.

    Robert Perneborn
    Sweden "

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