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    Default " After performing the test pr

    " After performing the test procedure in my Chilton`s, I determined a bad stator. Given OMC`s current condition, local dealers (DFW) are saying it could take up to a month to get another, and no guarantees, then. Any suggestions? Any quicker or cheaper ways to go?
    Thanks "

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    Default " Voyager, There are source

    " Voyager,

    There are sources for remanufactured stators, trigger assemblies and power packs. I have used remanufactured components on Force engines because they are cheaper and are warranteed for one year. That's a better deal that you get from Quicksilver.

    I'm sure you can find remanufactured components for your engine also.

    Tony "

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    Default " Thanks, Tony Do you know an

    " Thanks, Tony
    Do you know any sources for remanufactured components? This is what I was hoping to find-somewhere other than the OMC dealer "

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