Hello, I'm new to this forum but wanted to see if anyone might be able to help me shortcut the issues I've been having with my Evinrude OceanPro 150. In the spring I did a complete service to include water pump impeller kit, spark plugs, and thermostats. I do still have the VRO hooked up and it seems to be working properly and appears to be normal oil usage after checking the oil tank after operation. I haven't received any alarms on low oil reservoir or the no oil light I top of the reservoir every time after use. My issue is I'm getting an intermittent high temp alarm second light on the round gauge. I'll be running along and everything runs and sounds just like it should. Then the overheat horn goes off for about 10 to 20 seconds and the light comes on. The system does not go into limp mode and de-rate the engine. The alarm then goes off and the light also goes off. It can run sometimes for an hour or so and not get another alarm but then it happens again randomly during a normal day operation 4 to five times. I can shut the key off clear the alarm and then it could be minutes and it happens again or over an hour. My initial thoughts were I was having some kind of high temp issues. I ran the boat on the hose and used a temp gun to check each cylinder head and if I remember correctly they were at about 145 to 150 degrees. My pee water is warm but has a strong steady flow since I had replaced the water pump impeller earlier this year. I had been doing some reading on this forum on older post and someone recommend checking the fuel system. I did have a dirt dobber or something get into my gas vent tube and I removed and cleaned out to make sure I dint' have any restriction on venting. I also removed my water fuel separator filter and noticed the filter had about a quarter of water in the filter. I replaced the filter and ran the boat again a few times and removed and didn't notice any water but went ahead and replaced the filter again just for safety. This week I talked to a long time friend and outboard mechanic and his thoughts were the vacuum switch assembly sensor is what could be possibly going bad. I read on this forum you can pinch off the fuel line coming into the vacuum switch with vice grips to test if it is the sensor. Is this a correct statement? My mechanic also recommended to run the boat again and unplug both temp sensors when the alarm goes off and if it stays on the problem is in the gauge. I'm heading out again this weekend and will do the above trouble shooting to see if this gets me closer to finding the exact issue. I also plan to check all my fuel connection lines to ensure all the clamps are tight and I'm not introducing air to the system with a loose clamp. I plan on double checking the gas tank vent tube again as well just to be sure it isn't' clogged. I know this was a long one but wanted have all the details. Thank for any help or assistance with this issue. Justin