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    Default OBD2 for diagnostic or DR Honda kit

    Hi guys,
    Has anyone ever used OBD2 with app like tourque on Honda outboard?the same one used in automotive sector.
    I would like to read the parameters of my BF150 A that have issue with hight temperature alarm and no alarm active on ecm.


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    Default Re: OBD2 for diagnostic or DR Honda kit

    No, have not tried OBD2 and donīt know if it would work. I first used a generic Honda outboard diagnostic tool bought on eBay. Worked well but was unable to change the Instance Number of my twins so sold it and bought Dr H which was able to. By the way, high temp alarms are not stored in the ECM.

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    Default Re: OBD2 for diagnostic or DR Honda kit

    Hi , thanks basically my ideas was to monitor the temperature of the varius sensors to understand wich of them rises before the allarm arrives, in order to have a clue on how to proceed. We could not solve the problem as it only happens after 5000rpm and occasionally.
    Motor reduce the rpm at 1000 and sound of hight temperature coming for only 20 second.
    I think ECM receives something from a sensor to activate engine protection.

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