Today I was conducting the 1st oil change on a 2006 Honda 90 that I acquired with a used boat earlier this year. While cleaning up after the oil change I noticed what appeared to be a dislodged filter laying on the bottom of the cowling near the front. It turns out the piece and attached hoses were just laying loose inside the cowling.

I have a Shop Manual for this engine but cannot find any reference to this part, or a picture that looks similar. Overall there is some sort of white canister, a Y fitting, a T fitting, and a total of 4 outlets. There appears to be a small amount of oil in the canister. What I think reads as 5S28 is on the canister.

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Hopefully it is not a mission critical piece, as I have put about 50 hours on this motor. All 50 hours likely with this part flopping around inside the engine cowling.

Overall I am a novice to servicing outboard engines. I do have a small amount of experience with other motors doing easy tasks such as changing oil, filters, and wear items. My goal is to get more knowledgeable via servicing this outboard. Thank you.