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    Default 2012 mercury 150 optimal oil leak at bolt

    There's a bolt on either side or the engine and 1 is leaking. I'm not sure what the bolt is called. I will post 2 pics of the bolt I'm wondering how to stop the leak. I've tried over and over to post a pic and it won't let me.any help on the leak is appreciated

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    Default Re: 2012 mercury 150 optimal oil leak at bolt

    Can someone tell me how to post a pic. Maybe if I can post a pic someone can tell me how stop the leak. Thanks

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    Default Re: 2012 mercury 150 optimal oil leak at bolt


    Scroll down to “Attachments and Images” Pictures must be in the correct format and can’t be too big data wise. I take a picture then crop all the extraneous image from around the outside of the picture, once thats done the picture is usually still to big so then I import the picture to Adobe which will “reformat the picture to a much smaller size so that the forum will allow the picture to be uploaded. I’m using an IPhone and IPad. If your camera has a feature to minimize the resolution then that might work also. Trial and error.

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