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    Default F225 battery charging problem

    2005 f225..Newer boat to me, 3 hours into a ride with a new cranking battery, I noticed my garmin shut off. It did again while I was using trim. My voltage (dash) read 13.5-14v but would drop to about 12 and shoot back up. I began to head back..soon after, I noticed my gauge dropping 13..12.. and instantly jump back to 14ish. It then would cut the motor every time I used trim. I made it back to the dock, my trim wouldn't go..and my starter would click... after I got home and I was expecting to find a dead battery..come to find out it was full as could be..12.8+. thinking corrosion/loose connections...anything else to check? I ohmed my battery clamps and I'd estimate 20% of surface area that successfully ohm. Otherwise they were coated.. the clamps weren't lead. Some tougher metal...
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