I have had my 625 HP 692 Detroit DDEC III rebuilt using the small pin cylinder kits vs big pin kits due to availability. Does ANYONE have knowledge of success with the small pin kits as we have had numerous problems. We just sea trailed the boat, shot right out of the hole with no smoke, I was in heaven...then hell and then lost oil pressure on the rebuilt engine. The oil loss could be part of a previous problem as we were making oil on trip down from Savannah.So the important question...is the jury out on small pin kits? Does anyone have knowledge of success???
Any info regarding this rebuild would be extremely helpful because...I now have the big pin kits, which are like gold and if I have to pull the engine up it is the logical time to change but if cylinders are fime, I'll deal with the oil problem and keep the big pins as spares or bonus when I sell the boat. But I need to hear some success stories with small pins. Thanks!