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    Default Bf225 timing belt/tensioner/idler automotive cross reference

    Heyy guys! I知 just starting to price out everything I need to do the timing belt on my 2005 BF225, along with some other deferred maintenance that needs to be completed. I was able to cross reference the timing belt itself to a BANDO TB286 for an 98-2002 Honda Accord, but does anyone know if any of the 2 idlers, or tensioner are also the same as what is used in an automobile Honda/Acura V6? I知 finding that the auto side of things has the parts at a much more reasonable price. Spark plugs especially.

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    Default Re: Bf225 timing belt/tensioner/idler automotive cross reference

    The tensioner is definitely not the same as a Honda J series automotive tensioner because those are hydraulic tensioners and the outboard tensioner is not. The outboard tensioner pulley's alignment dowel is also located in a different spot. The larger idler pulley is very obviously different than the automotive version. The smaller idler pulley is close, so it may be the same.

    But I don't know that I'd try to go cheap on the timing system. Not something you really want to fail so I'd err to just getting the correct outboard parts.

    I would also recommend just getting the correct spark plugs. IZFR6F11. This is exactly what is specified for some Acuras, and they are cheap enough on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XH3C14H...p_mob_ap_share

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    Default Re: Bf225 timing belt/tensioner/idler automotive cross reference

    As above, don't cheap out, it's not worth it, if things go wrong you will bend all your valves.

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    Default Re: Bf225 timing belt/tensioner/idler automotive cross reference

    I've found good prices for genuine Honda parts at Impex-Japan.


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