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Thread: hard starting.

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    1991 Johnson J6REIA 6hp Outboard Motor

    Last week i had to load it back on the trailer because I could not get it started.
    I took it home and it started with some trouble in a bucket of water.
    When I can start it, it runs fine.
    Spark has no problem jumping a 3/8" gap Compression checked at 105 at top and 115 bottom.
    I try with choke on and then off with extended pauses. Incase I was flooding it. Plugs were wet when inspected. I finally got irritated and shot either in the carburetor throat and still no luck. Not even a sputter.

    What is your take?

    Taking it to the dump is not an option, at least not yet.

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    How did it run for you last season ?-----If this motor sat for any length of time the carburetor may be gummed up.-----Is fuel fresh and mixed at 50:1 ?-----Does bulb on the hose go hard ?----Try giving it more throttle when pulling the rope.----Ignore marking on throttle grip.

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    Try squirting some premix fuel in it once and see what happens.

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    Try adjusting the float lower.
    Might be flooding.
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    I am going to try some fresh fuel. I shot some in a cup earlier this spring and it looked and smelled fresh with just the right amount of quick popping bubbles. But it is last years. I did not want to deal with 5 gal of apparently good fuel.
    This was not the first use of the boat this year.
    I'll let you know results
    The carburetor will be my next focus.

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    Did you ever try the pre-mix fuel in the carb ??

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    I emptied the gas tank and much to my surprise water made its way into the gas even though I keep a cover on the boat when it's the yard.
    Thanks everybody.

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