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    Default Bf90 fuel lines questions

    I’d like to thank all those who helped me with my BF90A no idle issue. After thorough ultrasonic cleaning and replacing all four tiny tubes, motor idles and runs well.

    However, noted a gas odor on returning to our dock yesterday. Popped the lid and sure enough….all four fuel lines appeared to be ‘backing off’ of the fuel pump nipples and leaking!

    Yes, I’m an IDIOT for assuming the lines and clips looked good and not replacing them when the motor was apart. Certainly kicking myself now.

    So here’s the questions….
    On parts diagrams, the fuel lines have different numbers. The two ‘double curved’ tubes (#16851-ZW1-000) and the two ‘single curved’ tubes (bulk hose 95001-55003-60M) …..yet sure seems like they are the same ID and OD since they all connect a FP to carb.
    Likewise the tubes from filter to the two FPs have different numbers, yet seem the same.
    Even the clips seem to be the same…yet show different numbers.
    Then there are those rubber tubes I seem to recall that just push onto brass tubes on the backside of the carb assembly. I can’t even find them on a diagram.
    Other than two being ‘formed’, can the bulk tubing be used for all fuel lines? Is there enough in the package to do this? One clip size actually fits all ….or not?

    Now I need to somehow limp to a launch without spewing gas, pull the boat, and dissemble the motor AGAIN. ARRGGH!!

    So…..if anyone with experience in dealing with these fuel lines can provide clarity in exactly what I need to order ….it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Bf90 fuel lines questions

    I use bulk fuel line purchased from an auto supply. The only one that's a real PIA is the one that runs forward from the fuel filter to the fuel line connector on the front of the motor if I remember right. That one might be worth ordering. The rest shouldn't be any big deal. The ones from the pumps to the carbs are one size, the one from the filter to the pumps is just slightly bigger. Rather than guess at the correct size (it's metric!) I take a sample of each with me.

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