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    Default 15 HP 152BA Fuel Flow Issue

    Did not find much info here or in my wider searches for info on this so I thought I would make a thread for it.

    The motor seems to be running very smooth after going through a number of updates -Thanks Jerryjerry05- I still have the problem of leaking fuel from the quick connect fitting at the motor. The motor will not run continuously on its own and I need to continue to squeeze the bulb to keep fuel flowing.

    The o ring on the motor male connection was very poor and I found an O ring that seemed to fit well.
    The female connector O ring also looked very poor and basically broke apart as soon as I touched it. I scrapped this out and also replaced it with one I had and it also appeared to fit ok.
    The seating seals on both the male and female look okay. I never touched them and there is no fuel leak when not connected.

    At first the leak seemed to stop but upon starting the motor and priming the engine the leak was still there.

    Knowing the O rings I used were temporary I contacted Franz Marine (thanks JerryJerry05) to discuss weather I should just replace this fitting with a more common or newer Johnson connection. I would then have to some how zip tie or secure this in some manner.

    Franz indicated that the O rings are just over $1 or so each but he doesn't have any at the moment. I am going to see if our local Mercury dealer has them. Franz gave me the part #'s:

    I hope the motor stalling is directly related to this but I will also check any other connections for tightness. I am using the original fuel tank but have replaced the hose and bulb.

    Thanks for reading and any tips/advice is appreciated.

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    Default Re: 15 HP 152BA Fuel Flow Issue

    Until you get the factory O rings installed not much you can do. O rings come is such a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses that it’s darn near impossible to pick on off the shelf and have it fit exactly. If you do a goggle search on o rings you’ll see what I mean. As far as clamping there is a zip tie that is made for fuel lines and other round lines, I forget the name but the clamping part is rounded as opposed to flat so you get an even clamp around the entire hose. Below is a link showing what I mean re zip ties.


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    Default Re: 15 HP 152BA Fuel Flow Issue

    Both orings can be found on ebay.
    Both couplers are available on other parts sites.
    About 60$

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